GrubenGoldCup 2022

Registration closed


SC AufRuhr


04.02.2022 - 06.02.2022

closed, changes only by email

Tournament schedule

Friday: red-ribbon, everyone with/against everyone
Saturday: Doubles C- to A
NO party on Saturday evening (Corona)
Sunday: Brunch and farewell

Tournament location
Sportforum Castrop

At the respective locations, the hygiene concepts must be observed, currently 2G+ (vaccinated, recovered, and tested or boostered) applies. It is possible that in February 2022 other rules will apply, we will inform you then.
Corona Test Centre near the Sports Forum:
Testcenter der Stadt Castrop-Rauxel, Europaplatz 14, 44575 Castrop Rauxel

Artikel des Stadtmagazins zum vergangenen Turnier